Apex Legends Player Pulls Off Genius Portal Play

This Apex Legends player pulled off an impressive portal play
This Apex Legends player pulled off an impressive portal play / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Wraith's ultimate Dimensional Rift has an incredible array of uses, making it one of the most versatile in Apex Legends. This clip shows one of the most inventive takes on the ability yet.

The video, posted to the Apex University subreddit Thursday by u/PANCAKEMIX101, follows a Wraith player named UnConnscious. UnConnscious is the last player alive on their team, but only one other team is still standing. That team huddles in the one-story building UnConnscious stands atop.

To trick the enemy team, UnConnscious places their portal directly in front of the exit to their building, then hides on the roof of the building without placing an exit. The enemy team, expecting UnConnscious to pop out of the entrance by their building, waits in the hut as the circle begins to close.

When the timer begins to run down, UnConnscious places the portal exit outside of the circle. The enemy team finally decides to challenge UnConnscious, but only sends a single player through the portal. UnConnscious catches them unaware, melting them with the R-99.

A second player comes out afterward, but retreats back through only to be distracted by the only other living team running in the storm, allowing UnConnscious to burst them down with ease. The third team dies in the storm as UnConnscious rides a zipline to the safe zone, chased by the final living enemy. UnConnscious easily guns down that player, winning a remarkable 1-v-3 with plenty of ingenuity.