Apex Legends Player Ranks Guns Time-To-Kill

Knowing your favorite gun's TTK (Time-To-Kill) is useful in game
Knowing your favorite gun's TTK (Time-To-Kill) is useful in game / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Knowing how to maximize your loadout in Apex Legends and which guns will provide you the most value in a variety of situations is key to securing wins. Apex Legends Youtuber Davengeful did players a favor by testing each gun in Apex Legends Season Six to find out their time-to-kill.

Here are the ranking according to Davengeful's video.

Apex Legends Season 6 Gun TTK Summary

The most notable headshot time-to-kills are the R-301, Hemlock and the Sentinel. The R-301 and the Hemlock share the fastest headshot TTK at 0.689 seconds while the Sentinel has the slowest at 2.503 seconds. This is a pretty significant difference and one that should be considered by all players no matter the skill level.

The most notable bodyshot time-to-kills are the Flatine, Volt and the Mozambique. The Flatline and the Volt share the fastest body TTK time at 1.231 seconds while the Mozambique has a body TTK of 4.504 which is nearly a second slower than the second slowest body TTK.

However, one thing to note is that all of these TTK measurements were taken at the same distance. This means that the TTKs between, for example, a sniper and an automatic rifle are only comparable at that distance which is not a full representation of the gun. One must take into consideration accuracy, recoil and damage at certain ranges which will effect the overall value the gun provides. So do not choose guns purely off of its TTK, rather take the TTK into consideration when choosing between guns in the same class after considering the situation one is in.