Apex Legends Player Reveals how to get in Crypto's Drone

There may finally be a way to get in Crypto's drone
There may finally be a way to get in Crypto's drone / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Crypto has been one of Apex Legends more popular legends in the past few seasons. But one thing that has eluded Crypto players up until now, is how to fully take advantage of his drone. This new trick could give Crypto players the upper hand when it comes to reconnaissance or escaping fights.

Watch Redditor u/bricious show how to get into Crypto's drone.

U/Bricious explains all players need to do is press the button used to activate tactical abilities while throwing a holo-spray to instantly board the drone. There is a timing aspect that players must get down to activate this "trick" and players must also have a Holo-Spray.

Holo-Sprays can be crafted using Crafting Metals or they can be unlocked in Apex Packs and Battle Passes. This may mean that new players or players playing on a new account may not be able to take advantage of this trick as one of the key components is the Holo-Spray. But if this is a viable option for you and you play Crypto, make sure to take note of this trick next time you are in a match, it could pay dividends.