Apex Legends Player's Silent Wait Pays Off in Collateral Headshot

This Revenant player lived up to their character's reputation.
This Revenant player lived up to their character's reputation. | Photo by Respawn Entertainment/EA

Revenant is billed as a brutal assassin with feet in both the horror and action camps of pop culture, but it's rare players manage to perfectly encapsulate the deadly Synthetic's vibe.

This clip, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Monday by u/Devotionexe, is the exception to that rule.

According to Devotionexe, they had been hanging on the outside wall of a building for a full minute as Revenant when the clip began. Their teammate was already dead, their banner in Devotionexe's back pocket. After a while, Devotionexe hears a commotion in the bombed-out building from which they're hanging.

When the noise dies down, Devotionexe climbs up to see the two surviving players looting the same body. Devotionexe calmly lines their Sentinel's sight up with the heads of the two scavengers and fires a single that the cleaves straight through both enemy heads, killing both instantly in one of the cleanest collaterals in Apex Legends history.