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Apex Legends Player Shares Potential Method for Identifying Friendly Abilities

Caustic's Nox Gas turns blue.
Caustic's Nox Gas turns blue. / Photo courtesy of wave_panda

Apex Legends players often have a hard time discerning which abilities and utilities are friendly in encounters. Since players can encounter repeated Legends in a particular match, they may run into issues in big team fights where multiple abilities are being thrown around, as they must decide when to flee and when to engage.

Players can provide useful feedback to game developers, and when the community consensus grows large enough, developers will often listen. An Apex Legends player has recently offered a suggestion that has gained traction in the game's community.

Apex Legends Player Shares Potential Method for Identifying Friendly Abilities

Reddit user, "wave_panda", uploaded a clip that showcases a potential feature that Respawn Entertainment could introduce to Apex Legends. The idea is that an "Ally Tactical Color" option would allow players to distinguish between ally and enemy abilities and utilities.

In the clip, wave_panda goes to the Gameplay menu and activates the suggested "Ally Tactical Color" feature, which they added under the Accessibility heading. If Respawn included this option in the game, players would be able to choose between red or blue colors. Wave_panda then shows how Caustic's Nox Gas turns blue as it disperses. This highlights a much-needed feature that could make Apex's gameplay run more smoothly.

Respawn has recently made changes to the Heat Shield which was introduced in Season 8. They have also hinted at potential loot changes. If Respawn ends up taking wave_panda's suggestion into account, then the "Ally Tactical Color" option could add another much-needed change to Apex Legends.