Apex Legends

Apex Legends Player Shows Fuse's Ultimate in Action

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

So, Apex Legends new season - Mayhem - is bringing out a lot of stops. And the gamers are loving it.

From the new King Canyon's map to the introduction of Fuse, there is plenty to explore in Season 8. And as always, the internet (and gamers) have provided the best of the best.

One such popular video clip turned up on Reddit. Sparking its own thread as people gushed over the Fuses' ultimate that inspired the line "Let's put some shrimp on the barbie!"

This in-game footage originally comes from YouTuber BeanBag's page. Exploring Fuse's ultimate - 'The Motherlode' - seems to have garnered a lot of interest. Understandable given that even by Apex standards, it seems pretty explosive. Literally.

The Motherlode has a devastating attack effect (from 35 damage up to 75) by encasing your opponents in a ring of fire. And when combined with other Legends' abilities - such as Horizon's Black Hole, or Caustic's Gas - but watch out, because while it does not affect teammates, it does affect Fuse himself; so make sure you're out of the danger zone before you try it.