Apex Legends

Apex Legends Player Shows How to 'Elite Jump' Without Tap-Strafing

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player shows how you can still perform a powerful jump even without tap-strafing. This video is important now more than ever before thanks to Respawn's decision to remove tap-strafing.

Mouse and keyboard users have always enjoyed better freedom of movement and control which is the exact reason why tap-strafing exists. Players found a way to dance around while firing a weapon in Apex, making it increasingly difficult to be hit. Now that's gone.

So of course, players have started to adapt. This "jump" is only possible with a zipline so it's limited on where and when you can use it. But on certain maps, and certain areas, this movement specialty can be dangerous.

While the steps are simple, it's still difficult to execute. You're going to have to practice to make this perfect because if you mess up in the middle of a firefight, you'll likely lose.

  • Jump on a zip line and turn 180 degrees while still attached
  • Detach with two jump inputs, which should be done using a scroll wheel. Console players will manually have to do it
  • The inputs have to be fast enough otherwise, you won't get the distance. As with most movement enhancers, consoles struggle to keep up