Apex Legends

Apex Legends Player Shows Off Dangerous Rampart and Catalyst Combination

Respawn Entertainment

A clip on Twitter shows off the dangerous combination of Rampart and Catalyst in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is known for its cast of colorful characters, each with its own unique abilities. While these characters shine brightly on their own, they shine even brighter when paired together. In the case of Rampart and the newly released legend Catalyst, one Twitter user found a dangerous combination between the two.

Catalyst, the newest legend to be added to the game, has a passive ability that allows her to either reinforce doors or reinforce the spaces where a door once was. While this ability might seem like a great defensive tool to stop enemies from piling in, one Twitter user managed to increase both its defensive and offensive properties with the help of an ally Rampart.

Twitter user @SvenAPEX shows off in the clip how a Rampart turret managed to fit through the Catalyst reinforcement. While the Rampart was easily able to mow down her enemies thanks to her turret's high rate of fire, the enemies were unable to shoot back thanks to the Catalyst reinforcement.

While this combination is situational, it shows off an impressive way to score kills if players can manage to pull it off.