Apex Legends Player Shows Off Golden Mozambique

An Apex Legends player showcased the powerful Golden Mozambique which is probably passed up by many players.

The clip has many different comments of players wondering why they never picked up the weapon or that it's hard to find as it looks basically like the normal Mozambique.

Apex Legends Player Shows Off Golden Mozambique

The player finds the weapon and doesn't hesitate to pick it up which could be that he didn't have a second weapon in general. His squad is knocked, so he quickly makes his way over and knocks down two players on the enemy team. One final enemy slides in and the player uses the R-99 and the Mozambique to finish him off.

Apex Legends is in a great spot at the moment and has been using the momentum of Season 2 to bring back a dying fanbase. While it's nowhere near the hot start it had in February, things like a Mobile release and a possible solo mode have many players excited.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment