Apex Legends

Apex Legends Player Shows Off the Frustrating Gold Shield Swap

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends player u/Punyr posted on Reddit a rather infuriating clip of the annoying gold armor swap. The game has a system in place of replacing armor with weaker armor. So if you have purple armor and are trying to grab a blue armor, it has you hold the button instead of a quick grab.

Upgrading armor or grabbing armor of similar power level is quick and simple.

It makes a little sense why it would be so as Respawn is trying to teach players that they are grabbing lower-level armor. It's like that extra button before you quit the game. They don't want players to accidentally quit, so they ask them one more time.

And it's common for people to speed loot especially when they first land. Grabbing anything and everything. So this small feature protects players from swapping to the worst armor.

But as you can see in the clip, Gold armor is considered worse than Red and Purple so they couldn't grab it before being shot to death. They even thought they grabbed it and turned to engage the enemy before realizing they still had their broken armor on.

Not ideal, but it's hard to see how Respawn could fix it without changing the system entirely.