Apex Legends

Apex Legends Player Shows Precise Way to Land 'Sky Grenade'

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player posted a rather informative video on Reddit, giving players instructions on landing a "sky grenade." The terminology is about a grenade exploding right above or on an enemy player but your grenade lands from straight above.

It's really powerful for hitting enemies behind cover.

Here are the full instructions.

  • Ping the target and look all the way up
  • Down your view till the tip of the curved line (trajectory) touches the diamond marker on the pinged location
  • Throw (duuh!)
  • Works very well if you are between 53 ~ 57 meters away from target and aproximatelly on the same plane
  • The maximum distance the frag grenade reaches is about 65m but I have no visual reference to reach it properly.

Then he explains the use of FOV.

"I've forgot about FOV variations. I use FOV 90 but, fortunately, it still works well for FOVs from 80 to 100. As is already known, this applies just to frag grenades, and does not work with our boy Fusey, since he sends them to the moon. Also, this is just a reference. My intention is with time and practice be able to guesstimate the distance more quickly and accurately without the need to ping the target."

Try this out and see if you can surprise enemy squads.