Apex Legends Player Shows Replicator Glitch Launching Player Out of the Map

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player shows a Replicator glitch which sends players out of the map, therein killing you. While glitches tend to be random, the Replicator seems to be filled with different bugs. As with any battle royale, Apex Legends has its fair share of problems. Even cosmetics aren't safe.

Wraith's Demon Whisper skin has textures problems in poses and banners. This is a bit surprising since the skin has been out since last summer.

But a cosmetic problem which is a nuisance at most isn't nearly as bad as dying in-game.

As Redditor mohsn shows, they were at a Replicator, buying a Shield Battery and Ammo when the worst thing happened. Their body phased through the floor to their death. Hopefully, their death box appeared nearby so their teammate could resurrect them. But unfortunately, when things like this happen, the death box can disappear too. Potentially ruining a whole game for the players and even if the death box did appear, they have to go revive their teammates, making it loud and clear to surrounding players that they're vulnerable. Any Apex Legends player will tell you the immediate danger of reviving your teammates as it makes a loud audible sound, basically letting all enemies players know where you are.

Based on the Reddit post, Respawn Entertainment has yet to respond to this bug.