Apex Legends Player Shows What Happens When Death Totems Aren't Placed Strategically

Respawn Entertainment, Screenshot by MaineSellWhite

Apex Legends players who rely on Revenant for his Death Totem ability better think twice when choosing a location for it as a clip on Reddit shows what could happen when you don't choose right.

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In Redditor MaineSellWhite's clip, audiences are shown him taking notice of a squad pushing his squad mates. Cleverly, he decides to go around the opposing squad to the building that they came from. His intuition proved to be fruitful as he located their Death Totem. He perched himself onto a vantage point and proceeded to pick off each opponent as they spawned from it.

Respawn Entertainment

For context, Death Totem is Revenant's ultimate ability that protects its users for a while. Specifically, it grants players the ability to return to the totem when they get killed or down. This ability can be incredibly beneficial and save your squad from certain doom. That is if it isn't left in plain sight.

Revenant enthusiasts should pay close to attention to this clip going forward so as to avoid the unfortunate fate that the squad in MaineSellWhite's clip goes through. If you're looking for even more useful news, guides, and tips make sure to check out these Apex Legends articles.