Apex Legends

Apex Legends Player Shows Why They Choose Rampart

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

Redditor u/JCarby23 posted an Apex Legends clip of winning a ranked match using Rampart and "big guns."

The video on Reddit titled " 'Surely you have a good reason for playing Rampart in Ranked?' Me: 'I like big guns,'" gained attention for its winning kills using Devotion and Rampage guns, which are both light machine guns and Rampart's abilities.

Rampart isn't a popular pick compared to other Legends but this video shows the small community that does play Rampart and how she as a legend can be successful. Rampart's in-game pick rate is estimated to be 1.7% according to Apex Legends Status.

Redditor u/timbo_slice59 commented, "it’s so sick seeing someone master a lesser used characters kit; adds a whole new dynamic to the game"

The Redditor who is also the player in the video was the last player in their trio squad and was able to win the match. The player constantly uses Rampart's Amped Cover and frequently uses Rampart's ultimate ability "Sheila" a mobile minigun, and puts it away.

Another Redditor commented, "I really do love someone who just pops off on a lesser picked character. She is just so powerful when played well. It does add a new dynamic, as now you have to counter something that you usually don't play/play with/or play against. Especially a Rampart. In the right hands, she is a killing machine. This video made me happy."