Apex Legends Player Spectates a Boxing Match Gone Wrong

Photo by u/BOW5ER
Photo by u/BOW5ER /

An Apex Legends player in the final moments of a game noticed a 1-vs-1 boxing match going down to see who would emerge victorious.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games on the market currently. While players might jump from one title to another, players can all relate to just throwing down the gauntlet and hoping the enemy accepts the challenge.

Although, sometimes things can go wrong and someone breaks the unspoken code between two sluggers. Check out this Reddit clip from user BOW5ER who spectated a boxing match gone wrong.

Apex Legends Player Spectates a Boxing Match Gone Wrong

Late into a game, BOW5ER's squad and a single player are all that remain alive. One of the player's teammates approaches the lonely Revenant. Just like that, the boxing match is underway with both players exchanging blows.

Just when it seems like the Revenant is out of luck and going to lose the fight, they equip their weapon and turn around to shoot the enemy. Although, before they can eliminate BOW5ER's teammate, the user sends out a sniper shot to secure the kill.

Just like that, the Revenant's credibility has been lost and won't get another shot at the heavyweight title.