Apex Legends Player Takes Ingenious Train Flank to Win Match

This Apex Legends player used a cheeky train ride to grab a win
This Apex Legends player used a cheeky train ride to grab a win / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' playable areas are not always kind. Occasionally players are forced into unfavorable situations because the circle presses them into certain parts of the landscape. This player managed to turn that disadvantage into a surprise win.

Their clip, posted to the Apex Legends subreddit Thursday by u/camgrass, begins with camgrass and their teammate as one of two surviving teams. Camgrass and companion are on one side of a mountain that splits the circle in half when they realize the only remaining enemies are on the other side of the mountain. Not only that, but the next safe zone requires reaching that other side, and fast.

In an impressive feat of quick thinking, camgrass spies the train passing by to the south and hops on board. Making their way to the front of the train as it rolls, camgrass heals themself over and over to survive the damage from the circle. The train lumbers along as camgrass spams healing.

Finally, the train exits the circle and deposits camgrass right in front of their last surviving opponent, caught completely off-guard. Camgrass decimates them with the Mastiff, winning the match on the back of an ingenious play.