Apex Legends Player Trolls Enemy With Decoy

This Apex player comes up with a unique way to mess with an enemy
This Apex player comes up with a unique way to mess with an enemy / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The Hemlock Assault Rifle can be a devastating weapon but is oftentimes hard to aim. The three-round burst rifle can also toggle to a single-shot mode that is often used in long-range combat. However, this Apex Legends player doesn't seem to fear the Hemlock and instead decides to troll the enemy.

Watch how Redditor u/ThatGuyDes fools his enemy at no cost.

Mirage has become somewhat of a utility legend as his kit mostly surrounds the use of holographic decoys. However, in this situation, u/ThatGuyDes, may have unlocked Mirage's true potential.

After spotting an enemy that is firing at them from a far away platform, u/ThatGuyDes runs into a building to find cover. But as he is being shot at, they send out a decoy that is set to copy the exact movements of the player. The Redditor then begins to duck and weave behind cover as if they were actually dodging bullets. The opposing player unfortunately falls for it ends up wasting almost a full mag before destroying the decoy.

One can only imagine how confused the other player was when realizing that they did not get the kill and that they had wasted not only their time but their resources shooting at a decoy. Tough luck.