Apex Legends Player Wins Match by Disguising Themselves as a MRVN

An Apex Legends Player won a Match by Imitating a MRVN.
An Apex Legends Player won a Match by Imitating a MRVN. / Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

One clever Apex Legends player managed to win a duos match by disguising himself as a MRVN.

For those unaware of what an MRVN is, they are Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity Automated Assistants, that are manufactured by Hammond Robotics in Apex Legends' sister game, Titanfall. They appear in Apex Legends maps and bear a passing resemblance to the Legend Pathfinder.

In a two minute long video on Reddit, you can see user warartic take advantage of the similarities between Pathfinder and MRVN. In the final minutes of a duos match in the Olympus map, they camp in a house and stands perfectly still, imitating a MRVN. Multiple players pass through the house, and at one point warartic is even scanned and shot at by a Bloodhound. Nevertheless, they maintain their disguise and sit in the house waiting. Squads start eliminating each other, and at the end, when all but one other squad has been eliminated, warartic finally makes his move.

Warartic ambushes Bangalore
Warartic ambushes Bangalore / Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

They ambush the Bangalore, right outside the house, in the midst of reviving her ally. She's caught completely off guard and can't even fire back a single shot, as warartic takes the victory.

Apex Legends Season 8 is launching Feb. 2, and with it comes the newest legend, Fuse. It's also been leaked that a solo playlist will arrive with the season. It's an exciting time for Apex Legends fans.