Apex Legends

Apex Legends Players Already Broke Rampage Fix

Photo courtesy Respawn

In Apex Legends, a glitch for most of Season 11 allowed players to infinitely charge their Rampages without expending a Thermite grenade. Respawn announced that the glitch was fixed, but players are reporting that the glitch is still prevalent and exploitable in the game, just with a smaller window of opportunity.

Respawn reported on Dec. 16 that they had fixed multiple issues with Apex, one including the glitch in which players can infinitely recharge their Rampage without dropping a Thermite grenade. And within 24 hours, the Apex community had already found a loophole to the supposedly solved glitch, but what was also found was that the work done on the Rampage also led to some players being unable to charge the weapon, as the animation sometimes does nothing. 

The workaround for the glitch is not as easy as it was to the original hack, because of the small window in which players have, many are unable to successfully attempt to use the infinite recharge. Asking threads online for advice to use this glitch, as a lot of players have relied on the glitch for quite some time, this new change is one many players will have to adjust to.

Hopefully, Respawn will apply another fix to not just the glitch, but the impact they made on the weapons they changed. But this change might not come for a long time considering how long it took Respawn to fix the glitch in the first place.