Apex Legends Players Are Climbing Through Ranked, Without Guns

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Apex Legends players are attempting the monumental feat of working their way through Ranked without using guns.

Ranked is where Apex players go to prove themselves. No longer challenged by the general competition, eager players look to Ranked to face-off against others of a similar skill to show each other what they're made of. As it is, Apex Legends Ranked is a tough, brutal battlefield, but some players are taking it upon themselves to make things even harder.

Content creator JohnnyPriceTV took to Reddit to post some of the victories he and his group had achieved in Ranked, using everything but guns to come out on top.

Johnny tried his luck as Horizon and, along with his fellow team members playing Caustic and Fuse, attempted to survive the match with a number of tactics.

The creator said of the challenge, "I rotate between a couple different people (whoever’s available), but we all do no guns. Got from bronze 4 – plat 3 (almost plat 2).”

To pull off the feat successfully, players need a strong knowledge of characters, not just for themselves but also their teammates. Coordination is a must, and without guns to fall back on one small mistake could cost a game.

"We cleared 8000 RP in like three streams. We just try to third fast and rotate,” Johnny said.