Apex Legends

Apex Legends Players are Ruining Games to Complete Bloodhound's New Event

The white raven players must find in the Chronicles event
The white raven players must find in the Chronicles event / Credit to EA/Respawn

Apex legends players have been ruining games by killing their teammates after realizing they're not on the map needed to complete Bloodhound's new chronicles event.

Like other Battle Royale titles, Apex Legends works lore into the actual gameplay through in-game Easter eggs and now through a new event type dubbed Apex Chronicles. The first Chronicles event stars Bloodhound and is called Old Ways, New Dawn.

The event itself is fairly simple. Players must queue into World's Edge as Bloodhound and find a white raven that has been marked on the map. Unfortunately, though, the maps in Apex Legends rotate roughly every hour, so it isn't uncommon for players attempting to complete the event to drop into the wrong map unknowingly.

When they realize they have queued into Olympus or Kings Canyon many of these players will fly themselves off the map, ending their run in the game. If they spawn into the game as the squad's jumpmaster they oftentimes immediately run their entire squad off the map rather than just themselves.

Reddit user FacchiniBR was a victim of this exact toxicity after his squad's jumpmaster, a Bloodhound, realized they were dropping into King's Canyon instead of World's Edge. Other Redditors were baffled that the Bloodhound didn't know what map they were dropping into considering the game tells players what map will be played in the lobby before every game.

The easiest way to avoid this situation entirely is by enabling the "no fill" option in matchmaking that ensures players drop into a game without any teammates.