Apex Legends

Apex Legends Players Argue Over Which Weapon Needs a Buff in Season 14

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Redditor TightestKnees posted a rather positive post over the weekend stating, "Hot Take: Nearly all the guns in the game are super usable and well-balanced." Now, while that statement as a whole doesn't feel true, they do make some interesting points. "Pretty much every single gun is serviceable and can get you the win if you stick with it. Some notable exceptions are in my opinion the P2020, Lstar and Eva8 however."

Respawn has stated before that they are okay with certain weapons feeling like "beginning weapons" something you'll use if you have no other option. But most other weapons have their time and place.

But as you'll see from the comments and the initial post, there are a few that need work. Eva-8 and the L-Star are the two main culprits. And based on the announcement from Respawn Entertainment on Monday, Eva-8 is receiving that rework. Each season Resapwn attempted to balance the meta further and this is no different.

Now just weapon balancing as the developers also will work on ammo scarcity and making sure each type of weapon feels powerful. Even if you like to use energy weapons it can be frustrating to run out of ammo every late game since everyone only carries heavy ammo. It's a complicated issue, but Respawn is on the case!

Hopefully, we'll see more than just Eva-8 changes on Aug. 9.