Apex Legends Players Call Celestial Sunrise Event "Shameless"

Respawn Entertainment

It seems Apex Legends players aren't too impressed with the game's upcoming Celestial Sunrise Collection Event, calling the final reward "shameless."

Respawn recently announced the new Celestial Sunrise Collection Event in Apex Legends. Set to start in Jan. 24, the event will see the introduction of a new LTM Hardcore Royale, in which players will be put to the test.

Additionally, 24 limited-time cosmetic event items will be rolled out, including Legendary skins for Octane, Pathfinder, Caustic, Ash and more. Players who unlock all 24 cosmetics will earn the “Jadeite Retribution”, a new Reactive Peacekeeper Skin.

The problem is that these items aren't just ones players will earn through matches, rather players will need to purchase the item chests with real-world currency. The cost of getting everything in the collection seems to work out to around $160 USD.

Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Event Items Could Cost $160 in Total

Players have already pointed out that the most in-game currency you can buy at one time is $100, meaning players will need to buy multiple Apex Coin currency packs to buy out the event.

Technically, this puts a high price on the event's final item, the “Jadeite Retribution” Reactive Peacekeeper Skin.

Some players took to Reddit to express their frustrations with the event. User fairlyhurtfoyer said, "First it was heirlooms for $160. Expensive, but fair enough, those are unique items for each legend.

Then, we got "progressive" legend skins sold as mythics. Also $160, and another way for Respawn to expand and have more CE every season. There was more backlash. So now, naturally, we get a recolor of a reactive Peacekeeper skin that was given out in the Battle Pass many seasons ago (S3)."

The player went on to say that "wouldn't be surprised" if more recolors for existing Heirlooms and skins were rolled out in the future. Another user called the move "blatantly shameless."

The Apex Legends Celestial Sunrise Collection Event will run until Feb. 7, 2023.