Apex Legends Players Demand Nemesis AR Nerf

The Nemesis AR is already causing trouble in Apex Legends Season 16.
The Nemesis AR is already causing trouble in Apex Legends Season 16. / Respawn Entertainment

One of Apex Legends' newest weapons, the Nemesis AR, has been deemed too overpowered, with fans calling for some drastic nerfs.

With Season 16 now well underway, players have been given a bunch of new content to try out, including some new weapons to play with. One addition has been a new assault rifle, the Nemesis, which generated a little bit of concern amongst players when it was first announced.

This new energy class assault rifle fires four rounds per burst, with burst delay that decreases the time between bursts and, according to Respawn, simulates a fully automatic weapon. Not to mention there's almost no recoil, so players are likely to land more shots than they miss. The Nemesis was seemingly intended to be a new weapon that shook up the meta, contending with the likes of the R-301 and Flatline. But, in the eyes of players, it might have done more than that.

Apex Legends Players Demand Nemesis AR Nerf in Season 16

Reddit users have already been vocal on the Nemesis AR, calling it "overpowered." User Intrepid-Event-2243 took to the forum site to pose the question: "Since everyone agrees that it is overpowered, how would you nerf the Nemesis?"

Naturally, the post was met with a few tongue-in-cheek responses: "Make it shoot backwards," one user said. Others cam with more valid suggestions: "Damage by 1. Only charges when hitting a target."

Regular Apex players aren't the only ones who have called out the Nemesis AR. Pro Timothy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An highlighted that the weapon was "way too strong" when he tried out some of Season 16's features ahead of launch.

It's safe to say that in its current state, the Nemesis AR is causing a lot of trouble. It likely won't take Respawn long to take it down a few pegs, though some players are hoping that's sooner rather than later.