Apex Legends

Apex Legends Players Discover 'Hiding Underwater'

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

In a recent Reddit post, players discovered a location in the Apex Legends map where they can hide underwater and attack enemies.

Reddit user u/Kam1yo is an Apex Legends YouTuber, who posted a video of his gameplay hiding underwater and attacking enemies without them knowing. When players crouch in this specific spot, they appear almost invisible to other players.

These hiding spots or 'rat spots' are scattered all over the map and aren't only underwater. Players have found other hiding spots throughout the Storm Point map on top, or in mountains, and all appear invisible to other players when utilized.

Commenters on Reddit and YouTube express how funny, great, and cool these hiding spots are. However, some express that it'll only be a matter of time until Respawn Entertainment sends out a patch to fix these hiding spots.

These "hiding spots" are considered glitches since they aren't a part of the gameplay and shouldn't be abused. However players are allowed to go into the water, and textures in the game allow the water to conceal them to a certain degree.

Reddit users have made comments regarding the post. Reddit user u/nullzero commented "Patchnotes: decreased the depth of the water," jokingly stating how Respawn may fix this if players start to abuse it.

It's hard to say if Respawn will patch this soon, or even at all since players have even found hiding spots in other maps like Olympus and World's Edge. Kam1yo commented "I doubt it. You just crouch in the water. It is not even a glitch. You are just under the surface."