Apex Legends Players Discover In-Game Loba Teaser

An in-game Loba teaser has fans speculating wildly as to its meaning.
An in-game Loba teaser has fans speculating wildly as to its meaning. / Respawn Entertainment, via iLootGames

Apex Legends data miner iLootGames discovered an in-game teaser for Loba on Friday that teleports those who visit it to a mysterious new location.

iLootGames visited the train yard vault on World's Edge only to find the gear inside missing. In its place was a holographic image of a wolf — Loba's namesake and symbol — with a message.

"Want your treasures back?" the message taunts. "Come see me!"

Exploring the vault further, iLootGames discovered a bracelet on a platform. When he interacted with the bracelet, he and his teammate teleported to a long, industrial metal catwalk. Orange smoke rises up from either side of the railed path, and clusters of robots hang beyond the smoke. iLootGames identified the robots as Stalkers, dangerous robots from Titanfall 2.

A few seconds later iLootGames and his teammate were returned to the vault.

According to iLootGames, the map showed him and his teammate on Kings Canyon while they were in the new location, suggesting they were somewhere underground on that map.

The significance of the new location is unknown.

Respawn Entertainment revealed Loba would be the next playable Legend on Thursday. She arrives in Apex Legends Season 5 when it launches May 12, and Respawn Entertainment may have already teased her Heirloom.