Apex Legends Players Discuss the Worst Weapon in the Game

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players took to Reddit to discuss the worst weapon in the game. And while the consensus lands on one specific weapon, there was an interesting point made. Apex Legends has had a fairly decent melee mechanic, with accurate enough lunges. It makes using melee bearable without being oppressive.

That seemed to change in recent months.

One Redditor exclaimed, "What they did to the fists was too much! It’s a joke that in a shooting game with guns they needed it so hard! Sure I may have needed work, with all the bugs relating to it, it should have been fixed not just outright nerfed into the ground. 10 seasons of loving the punch and having it be a key part of my kit, and it’s just gone. I freely admit I’m super salty about this one!"

After players shared their frustration to the nerfs to melee, it was clear one weapon stood out above the rest as the worst weapon in the game: the P2020.

The pistol is literally everywhere and it feels almost useless. "You're probably going to get 5-10 people telling you how you're sleeping on the P2020 bc hammerpoints or something but you're absolutely right. Not only is the P2020 outclassed by almost everything else you could possibly pick up, it's also vastly outclassed by the OTHER weapons that can equip hammers."

Respawn has even stated they're okay with having weaker weapons for last-ditch efforts, and not every weapon needs to be viable. But the problem remains that the pistol is everywhere. Even if it's meant to be a weaker weapon, the spawn rate seems too high.