Apex Legends

Apex Legends Players Escape Storm Point Using Horizon Glitch

This Horizon player found a way to escape the boundaries on Storm Point.
This Horizon player found a way to escape the boundaries on Storm Point. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Storm Point arrived in Apex Legends as part of the Season 11 update, and the Gravity Cannons distributed all over its have proven popular points of experimentation. Fittingly, the gravity-focused scientist Horizon appears capable of escaping the map entirely by manipulating these enormous player launchers.

Apex Legends subreddit user Quasar2003 demonstrated this glitch in a video they posted Thursday. To execute the glitch, they launch off the Gravity Cannon at the easternmost edge of the map, which points toward the water surrounding the island of Storm Point. Just as they're about to land, they activate Horizon's tactical ability, Gravity Lift. This preserves their momentum and allows them to continue flying forward, out across the surface of the water.

With the speed boost provided by the Gravity Cannon, they're able to make it far enough out to sea that they can actually run along the water. By sprinting full speed straight ahead, they actually run past the "out of bounds" zone on the map, allowing them to survive the countdown that would otherwise kill them.

Eventually, they run so far that they are instantly killed by "falling" — an unusual death in Apex Legends considering there's normally no fall damage at all.