Apex Legends

Apex Legends Players Know How to Glitch Into Activated IMC Armories

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

It didn't take long for Apex Legends players to figure out how to glitch into an activated IMC Armory. Like the vaults on World's Edge which had Wraiths and Revenants working together to break in without a keycard, IMC Armories are meant to be safe.

Once players enter into the Armory, players fight waves of Spectres and earn specified loot based on their current loadout. The ramp entering into the building locks up, keeping players safe. And to prevent from players waiting on the outside, there is a launch point to send you safely in the air after a certain amount of time.


Even players camping on the roof will struggle to kill the squad within if they stand on the launch point immediately. But what if you could hop in immediately? Based on the above video it takes a multitude of things like a Wraith and Horizon ultimate, plus a Trident. Either way, the players phase into the locked room while the enemy squad is still killing Spectres. They didn't receive the smart bin loot, but you can catch an enemy squad with their pants down.