Apex Legends

Apex Legends Players Request Better Matchmaking System

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are tired of being grouped into ineffective teams. Many have been asking for an improved matchmaking system to be implemented into the game.

Online games like Apex Legends are really a mixed bag. Players experience a fast-paced game with a good degree of combat flexibility, and you're usually in for a good time. But every now and then you might find yourself dropped into a team that just doesn't work. Communication breaks down, cohesion fails, and chaos ensues. Online matchmaking is usually at fault here, and it definitely seems to be the case with Apex Legends. Needless to say, some players would welcome an improvement to the Apex matchmaking system.

One Reddit user mocked-up their own version of what it could look like. User 'JackVibe' posted a short GIF of how distinct player profiles could be used to aid matchmaking.

In the post, players could be sorted by their levels of chattiness, motivation, and teamwork. It's a little bare-bones, but could be a great starting point. It could allow players to identify themselves as casuals, or those looking for a more serious bout of matches. Regardless, the aim here would be to reduce the chance of ending up on an incompatible team.

Not everyone seems to be on board with the idea, though; commenters on the thread soon pointed out that it might introduce more problems than it would solve. In response to a concern regarding increased queue times, user 'applejackrr' said it "wouldn’t work because of this. People will just place the best settings for queue."

This particular system may not have convinced everyone just yet, but it's clear from the thread that any clean-up to matchmaking would be a welcome change. For now, the ball is in Respawn's court.