Apex Legends Players Slam "Boring" Ranked Split in Season 15

Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends developers have responded to criticisms of the current 76-day "boring" Ranked split.

Ranked appeals to the Apex player looking for a harder challenge compared to the usual public matches. Players are pitted against those of similar skill, each competing for RP to rise through the tier system.

The current Ranked season is set to end on Jan. 17, taking its total number of running days up to 76. Typically, Ranked seasons last between 45 to 50 days. The long runtime for this season has brought on frustrations with many players.

“Props to anyone who’s still grinding apex ranked daily,” Apex pro Nelson ‘Xeratricky’ Medina said on Twitter. "That mode at this point is beyond boring. please never do another 75 day split or whatever this was."

Apex Legends Senior Producer Josh Medina responded to Xeratricky's concerns over the split length, saying, "as of right now I don't think we will in the future."

Other players were quick to express other changes they hope to see in Ranked's future: "What about rotating maps on a timer Josh. Talk to us about that, seems to be a thing we all want now," one user said.

While it's unclear exactly what Respawn have in store when it comes to Ranked going forward, fans can at least rest easy knowing that they won't be thrust into a grind-fest.