Apex Legends Players Still Frustrated With SSBM in Season 9

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends matchmaking has been a form of contention for quite some time, but for different reasons. Streamers always complain about SSBM as they want to have easy games for their chat. It's much more entertaining running around, eliminating squads, and joking around. When streamers get stuck in top-tier games and have to play sweaty, they can't entertain. You saw that with Fortnite when a lot of streamers left because they couldn't keep up with the level of competition. So that's one side of the coin. The other is players complaining about how the system works in general. Players get stuck playing enemy players who are far better than them.

That's exactly what Redditor PolishMuhGrapple said:

"This game has the most busted-ass skill-based matchmaking of any multiplayer game I’ve ever played. Either this game just has no more casual players in it (a distinct possibility) or this game seems to think I’m far better than I actually am. If you’re gonna put this shit in the game, fine. Just make it work. I’m tired of getting reamed by sweaty three-man predator squads every fucking game."

And MuhGrapple isn't the only one. Redditor vrazix had a similar story, "Yep.. my KDR is sub-1 and I have to play 10 games vs 4k 20 bomb players who wall jump and crouch spam, basically always getting beamed, before I finally get put in a bot lobby or whatever. It's really frustrating and definitely feels like a sudden change from S8."

Respawn hasn't confirmed whether they changed the matchmaking system in Season 9 and not like they would say so either way.