Apex Legends

Apex Legends Players Think of the Perfect Buff to Revenant Ultimate

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A recent Reddit post has had Revenant mains buzzing as it outlines a good buff that would help the unpopular champion to climb both tier lists and pick rate in Apex Legends.

With 22 different legends for players to choose from, there will undoubtedly be some that are more popular than others. In the case of Revenant, he falls to the bottom of this list with a pick rate of only 2.4%. When compared to a legend like Octane, the most popular legend in the game with a pick rate of 11.7%, it is clear that something needs to be done.

While there have been many threads and discussions about how best to buff Revenant, a popular Reddit thread proposed a buff to Revenant's ultimate ability that many people feel would be a good fit for his character while also giving him a boost to his kit to compete with other legends.

The Reddit thread in question proposed that Respawn Entertainment should change Revenant's ultimate to transform the teammates revived into shadows similar to Shadow Royale. The shadow would be able to double jump, wall run, and deal 50 damage to enemy players. The trade-off would be that the revived shadow players would only have 65 health, making them just fragile enough to not be overpowered but strong enough to cause serious damage in the right hands.

Whether or not Respawn plans to make changes to Revenant and his kit remains to be seen but the demand for a significant change is made vocal by Revenant mains.