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Apex Legends Players Use Caustic and Fuse Combo to Trap Enemies

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are utilising a new Caustic and Fuse combo to trap enemy players.

With a large roster of Legends to choose from, it can be hard to work out which ones compliment each other best. Each character has their own unique abilities and, when used in tandem with other certain other characters in a squad, can lead to some interesting results. The ever-tireless Apex Legends community has found one such combo that goes against the meta.

Through a Reddit post by user 'ShinigamiTrinity' who, using a video, showed the community an interesting combo that might just be the new one to watch. By pairing Caustic's and Fuse's ultimates, they were able to pull off a neat little trick.

If you feel like injecting a little bit of chaos into your Apex matches, this Caustic and Fuse combo might be the way to do it. By taking Caustic's Nox Gas Grenade Ultimate and combining it with Fuse's Motherlode, players have the chance to trap enemies in a ring of fire while the gas swarms those within.

Apex Legends Players Use Caustic and Fuse Combo to Trap Enemies

In the clip, Fuse launches their Motherlode Ultimate to create the ring of fire. Caustic then launches the gas grenade into the middle. While the combo is unlikely to down any players right away, it certainly could induce a bit of panic. Enemies could find themselves pushed out into the open as they rush to escape, creating the perfect opportunity to follow up with some clear shots.

So if you fancy switching it up in your next match, try this duo combo and it might just become your next go-to tactic.