Apex Legends Players Using Horizon's Tactical Ability in Unique Fashion

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

As Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension has unfolded, players have become more adapted to the new Legend, Horizon. They've been able to find some interesting uses for her abilities.

Horizon's ultimate ability, Black Hole, has been a huge hit, allowing you and your squad to take shots at your enemies while they are pulled towards the black hole, players have also found a great use for her Tactical ability as well.

Horizon's tactical ability, Gravity Lift, allows you to launch yourself or enemies into the air. Similar to Octane's launch pad, but you don't need to make contact the Gravity Lift in order to be launched into the air. The when the pad is tossed, it propels anything above it into the air, even if you're a floor above the pad. Players have started to use this aspect of the Tactical ability for it's in air strafe movement.

Instead of using the Gravity Lift to propel yourself into another spot, players have been using the air strafe speed in order to outplay their opponents. If, for example, you toss a Gravity Lift underneath a house, you can use the ceiling above you to move around strategically. You can watch a video of how it's been used here from Reddit user loseryeet.

It's a very niche trick because it can only be used in specific scenarios and specific areas. However, if you are able to make the play, the speed boost gives you a huge advantage over your opponents. You'll also need to get used to the speed that you're given by the Gravitational Lift, so it may take a couple tries before you're used to making the play.