Apex Legends

Apex Legends Players Want Change to 'Smart Bins' to Help With Loot Goblins

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have been playing Season 13 for almost two weeks now, and while some new systems have been a pleasant surprise, a few need some fine-tuning. The IMC Armories are meant for players to loot as a team, gaining player-specific loot in a safe-ish environment. Players will face AI enemies, but the doors to the building lock up, allowing you to loot uninterrupted. And while players can try to wait on the top, if you take the launchpad, you can avoid any campers.

But now the problems are all about your allies taking your loot. Each loot crate can only be opened by one of the players, but once it is opened, anyone can grab it.

For pre-made groups, this isn't much of a problem, but for random groups it's devastating. We all understand the chaos of terrible teammates. And even decent enough players can suddenly turn into loot goblins once you open your loot crate.

Players took to Reddit asking for a simple request. Make it like the Replicator items which are protected. Only the one that created them can grab the items until a certain time or if they ping it. Then other players can loot it. This should be the same thing for these smart bins.

This would allow you to safely loot while your random teammates couldn't grab anything unless you ping it or a timeframe ends.

Another unfortunate change to Season 13 is the irrelevance of Lifeline. The Legend was struggling before Season 13 but with a better version of herself in Newcastle, she is struggling. Respawn Entertainment needs to do something quick for her.