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Apex Legends Players Want Player Cap Increased on Storm Point

Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends fans have been asking Respawn to increase the player cap for new map, Storm Point.

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape launched just a few days ago, bringing with it a new batch of content. Latest additions include new Legend, Ash, and the long-awaited Storm Point map. Players who have been getting stuck into everything Storm Point has to offer have no doubt noticed a significant portion of its new features. From wildlife to new POIs, its clear that Respawn wanted this new map to take the community, well, by storm.

Storm Point doesn't seem to be without its problems, though. Some players have noted that they've struggled to find enemies on the new map, citing its 15% increase in size (compared to World's Edge) as a factor.

Apex Legends Players Want Player Cap Increased on Storm Point

A Reddit post by user STRoke_Face_ stated, "Storm point is beautiful. Interesting. But too damn big for 60 players. Could easily fit 10 more squads."

At the time of writing the post has achieved 2753 upvotes, and 272 comments. The discussion pointed towards the fact that Storm Point is a new map, and players will be dropping into wherever looks good until they learn the environment. Certain hotspots can cause a significant number of players to meet their end earlier on.

All maps in Apex Legends are currently capped at 60 players, but perhaps a larger cap for bigger maps could help keep the action going for longer. However, others were quick to raise concerns over the suggestion: "Would I prefer 90 player Storm Point? Of course, but [I] don't think that's possible with current netcode/servers/engine."

Concerns over server stability wouldn't be unwarranted. Apex fans are no strangers to issues when it comes to the game, and anything that could increase the struggle is sure to be unpopular. It's early days for Storm Point, though. Respawn will likely be keeping an eye on the action, looking for ways to improve the experience.