Apex Legends Players Want Triple Take Nerfed to Fix Flashing Problem

Apex Legends
Apex Legends / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are looking to have the popular Triple Take energy marksman rifle nerfed in-game to fix a flashing problem. The issue surfaces whenever your Legend is shot at by an enemy and the bullets connect; the bullets create a flashing effect that has been blinding to some players and distracting them from the game.

During an Arenas match where their squad was unfortunately wiped, one player has noticed that, when hit by bullets from the Triple Take, the flash makes it very difficult to see.

“The Triple Take’s flash effect should be removed or greatly reduced,” they write. “It totally disrupts tracking and REALLY hurts the eyes.”

In the above clip of the 1v1 face-off between user DapperMidkip and the opposing Bloodhound, when the video is slowed down the flashes are blinding. Not only is this a headache in the making, but it also makes following the enemy difficult.

Back in January, though, Respawn acknowledged issues with visual clutter and VFX generally in Apex, and said they were investigating.

Whether the flashing is a non-issue or otherwise, it appears some want Respawn to do something about the visual clarity for those on the opposite end of the Triple Take’s barrel. Until then, though, grab your sunglasses and some aspirin, because it’s about to get bright.