Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has partnered with PlayStation to bring a new PlayStation Plus Play Pack exclusively for PlayStation Plus owners. This new one includes PlayStation-themed skins for Lifeline, Mirage, the Eva-8 and the R-99, plus two exclusive PlayStation-themed banners for Lifeline and Mirage.

Not all PlayStation 4 Apex Legends players can redeem the packs — only those with subscriptions to PlayStation Plus.

This is the second PlayStation Plus Pack for Apex Legends following one that released alongside the game. Where the exclusive skins in that first pack featured blue as their dominant color, the new cosmetics are primarily purple.

PlayStation Plus members can redeem the cosmetics through the PlayStation store.

These are the first new cosmetics to arrive in Apex Legends since Season 1 began in March. More cosmetics are expected to launch in Season 2, which has yet to be given a firm release date.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts