Apex Legends

Apex Legends Prime Gaming Ash Bundle Revealed

Apex Legends: Escape has finally arrived and alongside it comes a brand new legend: Ash. Interestingly, Ash was part of the Titanfall series, also developed by Apex's developer Respawn Entertainment, before joining the battle royale.

With this new season comes a plethora of new content included cosmetics centered out Ash. There's even a whole bundle dedicated to the new legend and here's how players can get it:

Apex Legends Prime Gaming Ash Bundle

Players with Prime Gaming, which comes alongside Amazon Prime at no additional cost, can unlock the Apex Legends Ash Bundle simply by redeeming it. Players must first navigate to the Prime Gaming Homepage, once there they merely need to locate at select the Apex Legends: Venom Blade Bundle and click claim now. If players have not yet linked their EA account to their Prime Gaming they will be prompted to do so, but it is a very simple process. Once that is done all players have to do is finish claiming the bundle which should then be waiting for them in-game once they reboot Apex.

The Venom Blade Bundle includes three cosmetics: Venom Blade- Ash Character Skin, R301 Red Alert- Weapon Skin, and an Ash Banner Frame- Super Charged. The cosmetics all carry a black and red color scheme along with an overall intimidating demeanor. This general theme perfectly suits the lethal nature of Ash and adds more fun customization options for players.

This bundle is not to be confused with the Ash Launch Bundle purchasable in-game from the shop. The Prime Gaming bundle is now available to all Prime Gaming owners free of charge, so be sure to claim these awesome cosmetics!