Apex Legends Prime Gaming Rewards: April 2022

Courtesy of Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Prime Gaming rewards have just arrived for April 2022. In it, there are a few cool additions to one's skin collection. Here's all the details on what you can expect to get when you sign in for the month.

Apex Legends Prime Gaming Rewards: April 2022

April has given Apex fans the chance to nab some pretty sweet nautical-themed skins and banners for the small price of a Prime Gaming subscription. These include a cool new character skin for Valkyrie, a banner, and a gun cosmetic.

In a sea of new cosmetics, like the potential upcoming Mad Maggie Fitted with cool brass and steel aesthetic, similar in style to a steampunk suit of armor, Valkyrie's Deep Dive skin is badass looking. The suit looks sharp and cool, and is definitely a great addition to one's skin collection.

In addition to the cool cosmetic skin, the bundle comes with a new banner frame, In Too Deep.
Valkyrie is plastered on the cover of it, with a lot of additional brass and copper icons painted on it.

The G7 is given a nice cosmetic enhancement in the form of a cool new skin named Deep Breaths. continuing with the previously established theme, the gun sports a dark blue and bright yellow art style, and goes well with the rest of the theming.

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