Apex Legends

Apex Legends Pro Believes He's Being Kicked From Games by Hackers

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends pro player HisWattson believes he's being targeted by hackers, and being kicked from games. Hackers are a problem in almost every multiplayer game imaginable. The more popular a title, the more likely you'll deal with cheaters and the more sophisticated those cheaters tend to be,

Other developers have created anti-cheat software required by their players to install. Things like Ricochet or Riot Vanguard make things easier for developers to take the fight back against hackers. Apex Legends has an anti-cheat system in place, but it's not a kernel-level anti-cheat like the above-mentioned features.

Most players understand the pain of dealing with a hacker that has aim assist, wall hacks or movement speed boosts, but this takes it to another level. HisWattson states he's being kicked as soon as he jumps from the ship and receives a "Code Cloud" error message. And to rub salt on the wound, he also receives a leaver penalty.

Once he turned off his stream, the problem seems to vanish. If this is the case, Respawn has a lot to work on when it comes to cheaters. Dealing with hackers that can kick you from the lobby and leave you with a abandon penalty might be the worst case scenario.

Respawn has just released a hotfix targeting a few different bugs, but nothing mentioned these types of problems.