Apex Legends Pro Campaigns for Ranked Changes

PVPX says Apex's current ranked system is "outdated."
PVPX says Apex's current ranked system is "outdated." / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

Apex Legends professional player Jamison "PVPX" Moore has begun a campaign calling on Respawn Entertainment to change the game's ranked mode using the #ChangeApexRanked hashtag.

In PVPX's view, Apex Legends' ranking system puts too much emphasis on aggression. Kill Points (KP), which are awarded for kills and assists, are the dominant factor in earning Ranked Points (RP), which in turn allow players to reach new ranks. PVPX says this encourages players to make aggressive plays that aren't tactically sound, lowering the overall quality of play in ranked mode.

PVPX is similarly dissatisfied with the fact that players can't be pushed out of a rank once they achieve it, which he says encourages lazy play.

PVPX suggests making KP shared among teammates, adding deranking into the game, giving additional RP according to a team's placement, and the removal of assists and kill multipliers for placement.

"This system will be better for people who Solo Q & people who group up," PVPX tweeted. "Better for micro & macro decision making. Also ties into a format similar to ALGS which is the next level of competitive Apex play."

PVPX's campaign has yet to pick up much steam, with only a few tweets in the hashtag.

Apex Legends players previously used a similar Twitter hashtag to protest the game's abundance of DDOS attacks and cheaters, leading Apex Legends producer Josh Medina to ask if PVPX's use of the hashtag is an evolution of the last one, or in addition to that one.

"Whichever answer gives it more importance," PVPX responded. "The current ranked system is extremely outdated."

Medina said he would add it to his "board of things to keep an eye on," but didn't commit to any of the changes PVPX suggested.