Apex Legends Pro Claims EU Ranked is "Unplayable"

Respawn Entertainment

One Apex Legends pro has been vocal about their frustrations with the game's EU Ranked, claiming it to be "unplayable."

Online multiplayers, particularly ones like Apex or Warzone, have always had problems with cheaters. And while all development studios are finding new ways to deal with and ban the problematic players when they crop up, there'll always be some that slip through the cracks.

And it seems even more competitive modes like Ranked aren't free from cheaters. Elwin ‘KSWINNIIE’ Echeveria took to Twitter earlier in the week to detail just some of problems he's run into playing EU Ranked.

"We need to change something for EU Ranked, it's unplayable a whole split. I play one game, I got aimbotted and I dont wanna play anymore," the player said.

"We need anticheat staff for EU. No hate towards anyone, but nothing has been done for years."

Others were quick to share similar experiences. Pro player @esdesu__ replied, saying, "I wanted to hold top 10-20, but it's just impossible because of cheaters. I haven't played ranked in over a month."

It seems the rampant cheaters are driving many dedicated players away from Apex entirely. With little action taken, we could see the Apex Legends player count begin to drop off.