Apex Legends

Apex Legends Pro Player Clutches Up Amid 'House Fire'

NRG Nafen is just built different.
NRG Nafen is just built different. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

There are few moments in all of gaming as intense as the final circle in Apex Legends, however, it appeared that a pro player took that to a whole other level this past week.

On Nov. 11, NRG Nathan "Nafen" Nguyen and his squad not only clutched up a win against 100 Thieves, but also did it while Nafen's fire alarm was going off the entire time. The entire ordeal was caught on stream and is pretty surreal to watch, and thankfully it worked out that all those involved were completely safe.

At the time, NRG was competing in Thursday's Box Fight Championship (BFG) event. With the trio sitting near the top of the leaderboard as well, NRG actually very much needed this particular win too.

As such, despite everything going crazy both in-game and in Nafen's house, the madman continues to dish out justice with the Peacekeeper despite the fire alarm blaring on.

Just as NRG is celebrating their dub, however, Nafen has a pretty urgent announcement to make to both his teammates and his chat.

"My house is on fire," Nafen said with the fire alarm still going. "My house is on fire. My house is on fire, oh my god!"

Thankfully, Nafen soon confirmed that his house indeed was not on fire. What set off the fire alarm seems to have been his sister cooking something.

With that being said, perhaps the best part of all of this was NRG Chris "sweetdreams" Sexton adding, "When I’m clutching I’d rather not play with the f—— fire alarm on. I’m literally in the bubble f—— flicking and I hear the fire alarm going off."