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Apex Legends PvE: Does the Mode Exist?

Apex Legends PvE, let alone any battle royale game with a player versus environment mode, is a highly requested feature that fans have been on the hunt for recently.

The only battle royale title to currently offer a PvE mode is Fortnite with Save the World. Although, it doesn't receive the same love as its BR big brother. Considering Apex Legends is a spiritual successor to Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall, a new game mode isn't technically out of the question.

Here's everything known about a potential Apex Legends PvE mode.

Apex Legends PvE: Does the Mode Exist?

Leaks dating back to March indicate there are files in Apex Legends pertaining to a PvE mode. Although, since the game entered Season 2, there haven't been any confirmations or announcements regarding the possibility of the mode.

Considering Apex Legends' short time on the market, diversifying with a PvE mode is a difficult decision to make. Does the title need it to offer something else to its competitors such as PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS? Would Respawn and Electronic Arts keep it up to date as frequent as its PvP mode?

The timing might not be right currently, but it might be worth the addition in the coming months as the game continues to grow.

Photo courtesy of Respawn/Electronic Arts