Apex Legends Quest Leak Potentially Reveals Season 5's End Goal

Apex Legends quest leak reveals Ash might be involved in the Apex Ga es
Apex Legends quest leak reveals Ash might be involved in the Apex Ga es / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' newest legend Loba brought along a new quest for players to participate in. Its title is "Broken Ghost" which raised a lot of eyebrows from Titanfall players thinking Respawn Entertainment might be looking at incorporating Ash, a simulacrum from the Titanfall series, into the game somehow.

Ash is an interesting character in Apex's history as leakers discovered weapon charms for every Legend in the game, including Ash, although there has been no indication that Ash will be entering the Apex Games.

Ash has appeared in the Apex Legends world as a member of Kuben Blisk's Apex Predators. Who is Blisk? The man that built the Apex Games. Maybe Ash would be an interesting addition to the Loba and Revenant storyline, giving Loba some extra help in hunting down Revenant's main brain.

Apex Legends Quest Leak Reveals Season 5's End Goal

What exactly is Ash's relevance in this article, though? Data miner Biast12 discovered a file that shows that the artifacts players have been collecting each week go together to build Ash's head, or Ash entirely.

Could this indicate that Ash may be entering the Apex Games soon? We've seen multiple legends hinted at in in-game files with the likes of Rampart or Blisk taking center stage as the legends next in line, but maybe Ash will cut to the front.

Ever since Respawn Entertainment revealed Forge as the newest legend to enter the scene only to turn around and have Revenant murder him and take his place in the Apex Games, we should all be weary of trying to read into anything as it seems the devs are very conscious about their leaks and are not afraid to trick their community.