Apex Legends Ranked Duos Isn't on Respawn's Timeline

Horizon finishing a downed Mirage on Olympus
Horizon finishing a downed Mirage on Olympus / Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts Inc | Respawn Entertainment

Ranked mode takes the casual play to a new level of tactical play in Apex Legends. Public matches are where testing and practice occur, and Legend synergy is discovered. Once your team enters the ranked arena, the gameplay changes entirely. This has been the case ever since a ranked playlist was added to Apex Legends.

Anyone who has ever played an Apex ranked match has probably had to queue up with at least one random player. In a game mode where communication and teamwork is more critical than ever, it can be difficult to match up with a valuable teammate(s).

Why Apex Legends Won't See Ranked Duos Anytime Soon

When duos was permanently added in April 2020, it cut down the amount of solo or duo players needing to jump into a match with a random. Despite this, Apex Legends won't be receiving a duos ranked playlist anytime soon, according to Respawn developers.

According to Respawn Developer Eric Canavese Apex Legends is designed to be a "three Legend squad game. The bulk of balancing is and will always be done with this game mode in mind. To have a true and competitive duos mode that is missing a third of a squad that the game is designed and balanced around can lead to an ultimately unstable experience at various levels of play and making those concessions knowing one mode suffers isn't something we're willing to do."

While there won't be a true duos game mode, Apex will see a "No Fill" option added later in Season 8. Whether players are up for a challenge or tired of random players, this will be a warm welcome for those looking to test themselves against the odds.