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Apex Legends 'Ranked Reloaded' Bashed by Players

Apex Legends Season 13
Apex Legends Season 13 / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn recently added Ranked Reloaded to Apex Legends, giving players a new competitive ranked game mode to grind in. However, players are already harshly criticizing the new model, calling for changes to be made to make the game mode less "grindy."

Players are slamming the new adjustments to Ranked Reloaded in a recent Reddit post. Reddit user ‘ShooterMcGavin000’ began the post by showing a graph of the current percentage of the player base in each respective rank, pulled from ApexLegendsStatus.com, which keeps an ongoing tracker of a variety of public stats within the game.

A large portion of Rookie and Bronze IV players can be seen in this graph. The majority of the player base seems evenly split in Bronze and Silver, with a pretty large drop-off in Gold and very few players in Platinum. This indicates how players seem to be struggling to break into the higher ranks early on in Season 13, with many taking a while to get out of Bronze.

This could be because the system has been out for less than one week, as one reply in the thread claims. Others shared the same sentiment, saying that this graph spread looks heavier in previous seasons. Respawn usually pays attention to the Apex community and sometimes even the Apex Legends Reddit page, so we'll have to see if these reactions make them take a second look at the new Ranked Reloaded.