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Apex Legends Ranked Rewards Leaked

Apex Legends ranked rewards appear to have been leaked.
Apex Legends ranked rewards appear to have been leaked.

Data miner That1MiningGuy appears to have leaked the rewards players will receive for their performances in the newly added Ranked Leagues mode.

The Ranked Leagues mode was introduced in Apex Legends Season 2 as the first ranked mode in the game’s history. Though developer Respawn Entertainment stated from the start players would receive rewards based on their end-of-season placements, it never revealed what those rewards would be.

Using data uncovered in Apex Legends’ files, That1MiningGuy revealed on Twitter that each player would receive a badge, an HCOG skin and a dive trail based on their performance in the ranking period.

Apex Legends' seasons are divided into multiple ranking periods known as series. The first series began with the introduction of Apex Legends Season2 and is scheduled to run until September. No official end date has yet been confirmed, but it's likely players will receive their rewards around that time.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts